Childe Rerun Banner - 4 Star Characters & Should You Pull?

Here you can see if you should pull the Farewell of Snezhnaya Wish in Genshin Impact or not, how good the drop rates are and a list of all character and weapon drops!

The Farewell of Snezhnaya Wish banner includes all 5 and 4-star characters except the previously featured ones, like Klee and Venti. The Rate Up Character, Childe, has a 50% chance to be pulled on your first 5-star character draw. If you pull a different 5-star character on your first draw, your next draw is guaranteed to be Childe.

Banner Schedule:

4/06/2021 18:00 - 4/27 14:59:59 (Server Time)

Should You Pull Farewell of Snezhnaya?

Childe (Tartaglia) is a strong Main DPS, Sub-DPS, and can even boost your party as a support unit, so he is definitely worth pulling for! On top of that, the new 4-star character, Rosaria, will also be part of this banner and we imagine she'll be perfect to set up some Superconduct and Freeze reactions.

Childe can deal strong damage while spreading hydro to all enemies. He is strong long and short range but suffers from long cooldown. As a Sub-DPS, he is really a powerful character that is a must pull for most.

Event Wish "Farewell of Snezhnaya" - Boosted Drop Rate for "Childe" Tartaglia (Hydro)!

During this event, the 4-star characters "Thorny Benevolence" Rosaria (Cryo), "Shining Idol" Barbara (Hydro), and "Prinzessin der Verurteilung!" Fischl (Electro) will get a huge drop-rate boost!

During this wish event, the event-exclusive 5-star character "Childe" Tartaglia (Hydro) will get a huge drop-rate boost!

After this wish event ends, the 4-star character "Thorny Benevolence" Rosaria (Cryo) will be added to the Standard Wish "Wanderlust Invocation" in Version 1.5.

Rosaria's Overview

Rosaria can deal strong physical damage to enemies. She can also work as a support by spreading Cryo with her Elemental Burst. She is a great sub-carry for Melt teams.

Rosaria's Character preview has been released by Mihoyo! Check it out to get a grasp of Rosaria as a character and a fighter! 

In the trailer, she says,

“I complete my work with the utmost professionalism and effort… but when my shift is over, it’s over — just in time to enjoy a glass of breakfast wine.”

You can watch the complete trailer below.

Barbara's Overview

Barbara is one of the best healers in-game. Her burst is a powerful AOE heal that scales from her already high HP. She is one of the best wielder for Thrilling Tales Of The Dragon Slayers and can spread Hydro well for consistent reactions.

Barbara is a free character, and you definitely already have her if you’ve been playing for a while and unlocked her. In fact, players who started since Genshin Impact‘s release date on September 28, 2020, got Barbara two times for free. Meaning if you pull on the Childe banner, you have good chances of raising her Constellation level very high.

Fischl's Overview

Fischl can provide additional damage while spreading Electro reactions. She can fit almost any team and her value continues to increase the more constellation of her you have.

The main reason that Fischl is evaluated so highly is due to her Elemental Skill - Nightider. Oz the Raven will stay out in the field even after you switch Fischl out, making it really easy to trigger elemental reactions!

Fischl's Oz is a strong Electro spreader and also easily produce energy for the whole team. This build increases the power of Fischl and Oz making them deal strong damage to opponents while giving large amount of energy to teammates.

Event Wish "Epitome Invocation" - Boosted Drop Rates for Skyward Harp (Bow) and Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds (Catalyst)!

Banner Schedule:

4/06/2021 18:00 - 4/27 14:59:59 (Server Time)

During this event wish, the 5-star weapons Skyward Harp (Bow) and Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds (Catalyst) will receive a huge drop-rate boost!

During this event wish, the event-exclusive 4-star weapon Alley Hunter (Bow) and the 4-star weapons Favonius Sword (Sword), Sacrificial Greatsword (Claymore), Favonius Codex (Catalyst), and Favonius Lance (Polearm) will receive a huge drop-rate boost!

Of the above weapons, the event-exclusive weapon will not be available in the standard wish "Wanderlust Invocation