New Vietnamese Food | Mien Tron | Ang Sarap Nga

One of the more popular types of noodles is mien, often known as glass noodles in English

The perfect dish for the Hanoi Autumn, mien tron or mixed glass noodles is more complex than you may think. It just doesn’t describe the number of noodle dishes out therea

Mien - Made from cassava — mien is also sometimes called cassava vermicelli — as opposed to rice or wheat, after bun this form of dried noodle is probably the second most popular in Hanoi.

Mien often comes fried with crab meat and vegetables, or as a replacement for pho noodles in a broth known as mien ga. However, my recommendation for the cooler weather of the Hanoi Autumn is mixed cassava vermicelli or mien tron.

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